Periodically, we hear of Inspectors coming to Nepal To inspect local production in factories or production units in this country and charging up to $1,500 a day. In some cases, they come from as far away as Hong Kong or Bangkok, or someplace in China or India. In the worst case scenario, foreign Inspectors will stay at considerable expense in one of Kathmandu’s five Star hotels, and in addition expect to have all transportation costs (air tickets + car rental here) meals, overtime, and other expenses all paid by the client.

It is obvious that in virtue of ProQC’s ON-LOCATION presence in Nepal, our Team of Supervisors and Inspections has a competitive edge on costs when it quotes ALL-INCLUSIVE MAN-DAY RATES as we go about performing exactly the same Professional services as our foreign competitors!

We therefore can conservatively estimate that when international Air tickets for one, two or more Inspectors are taken out of the Equation, no expensive hotel accommodations for the client to pay for, etc. OUR COSTS PER MAN DAY must produce a fifty (50%) Reduction, in favour of our American and other International clients.