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Suppliers audit of handcarved buddha statuesAudit at unit of production


These suppliers’ audits are particularly important In Nepal dictated by the diversity, number and nature of the vastly different types of handicrafts made in this country. Instead of being centralized in one location, Audits may have to be carried out anywhere in the Country, often at great distances from the capital, in what is still today a highly de-centralized nepali industry, using traditional methods.

Supplier Audits are and will remain one of the best ways to ensure the “supplier” is following the processes and procedures that you agreed to during the selection procedures.

With important purchases, conducting Supplier Audits ensure that suppliers meet the established product and process QUALITY requirements.

ProQC and its experienced and well supervised Team of Inspectors is here in Nepal to protect your interest. In setting guidelines for us to follow, clients should feel free to send us – at their full discretion – a “Supplier Quality Audit Checklist” for our Inspectors to use and report back to you on. If you have special requirements, we want to know them.

We again stress that we are a completely independent third party – and we should add – have no manufacturing or production facilities of our own. At Client’s specific request, however, it might be possible to exceptionally make supplier recommendations based on over 10 years’ experience in this field. To do this, will require making special arrangements. To know more, contact Theo directly.

For the good reason that Ensuring Supplier Quality is Critical.