Based in NEPAL....Professional....Reliable.....PRO QC....Full Quality Control Service of handmade goods shipped in bulk from Kathmandu, Nepal, via Calcutta port, in partial (LCL) or full containers (FCL) to US Terminals or Ports including Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New Orleans, Norfolk, Oakland, Philadelphia, Portland, Richmond, San Francisco, Seattle, and other international destinations.... in the United Kingdom and other EU countries...Ship by sea in FCL...or LCL....We can also arrange for goods to be shipped by Air Cargo in bulk from Kathmandu to all major International Airports. We will quote best freight rates to all (log-in) Existing Clients registered with us.

No child laborCorporate social responsibilitySocial AuditAudit complianceConforming to audit standards


Western managed ProQC is pioneering this field in Nepal with a well trained Team of Nepali Inspectors. It is the best way we know of to protect your brand and company image. In a less developed country like Nepal, a Social Audit is a must. WE ASSESS THE WORKPLACE and after carrying out an SA, we report back to you to ensure that the nepali factory, production unit or workshops :

  • - Do not employ child labor.
  • - Fully abide by local labor laws.
  • - Comply with international norms for safety, health and social standards.

Why use ProQC for an SA?
Because you will receive from us the best assurance that the nepali factory or Unit you want to work with adheres to local and international labor laws, have proper hygiene and that their management offer their employees good working conditions.

We help promote Social Responsibility 8000 Standard
which in addition to no child or forced labor, covers: Health and Safety Standards, Management systems, Working hours, compensation, discrimination, disciplinary practices, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.