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Initial Production Check

Initial Production Check

An initial production check is very frequently requested by importers. An ICP is an inspection of all the machinery, equipment and materials that will be used in making up your order and the first production run. IPC’s main focus is on Quality. This IPC will ensure that the factory or production Unit has the necessary machinery and equipment to meet your desired production targets and quality Requirements.. Importantly, the IPC will serve to inspect the actual materials as available at the beginning of the production against your instructions and Purchase Order Specifications.

Why carry out this ICP?

Because ProQualityControl is a totally independent Third Party, who is on your side to Protect your company’s business interest.

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring has for main purpose to measure the application performance in the production environment. The production monitoring services we Offer are designed to provide independent verification for you, our clients, whose business interests we protect. Because our Team of local professionals have the advantage to be on location in Nepal, we are able to offer constant on-site oversight by sending one Inspector to the factory every day to report on quality and production status. This way, we can provide you the client with regular up-to-date reports on production quality, at time intervals to be decided between us. At the end of the review period, we provide you with a comprehensive summary report.

Why carry out regular, periodic PMs?

Because of regular visits by our Inspector to the factory, PM is your best guarantee to oversee production quality.

During Production Checks

During Production Checks

DUPRO provides on-line inspection. Typically a DUPRO check will be carried out when at least 20% to 30% of the production is already completed. It’s a way to get a status report of quality production before the end of the production cycle, as a means to check on the last recommendation, and corrective action plan. This in process supervision and inspection is particularly appropriate if you, the client, want to control that the production capacity is well respected and that production timing is or will be as expected.

Preshipment Inspection

Pre- Shipment Inspections

A Pre-shipment inspection, or PSI, is an important and reliable on-site quality control method for checking goods quantity as well as quality before they leave the suppliers plant or factory premises. This PSI will ensure that the production of goods is in full conformity with purchasing client's specifications. Typically, a PSI, headed by our Chief QC Inspector, is scheduled to take place at the factory only after a minimum of 80% of the total order has been completed and packaged.

Because a Pre-shipment Inspection is officially defined as the "practice of employing specialized private companies (called independent entities) to check shipment details", ProQualityControl in Nepal is uniquely positioned and well qualified to carry out this essential work. Our job is to ensure that all quantity and quality inspections are performed in accordance with the standards defined by the seller and the buyer in the "purchase agreement", a copy of which document shall be made available to us, for full compliance, due diligence and in complete transparency. Whereupon we will immediately report our findings to you, to inform you whether the production has met your standards or not - passed or failed.

Why use "ProQualityControl" in preference to another other Competitor?

Because in the field of Handicrafts, Nepalis know Nepali products best, and are second to none. If the handicrafts are non-conforming, ProQC will spot them at once, and most importantly prior to shipping.

Why do a Container Loading Check?

A container loading check or Pre-shipment inspection Guarantees the finished and packaged goods meet your specifications (product types and quantity) and are securely loaded for shipment. Let ProQualityControl be your eyes and ears in Nepal! We will make sure you get what you ordered. Our Pro Inspector guarantees conformity of your production, strictly in adherence to your specifications and total order quantity. He has for prime responsibility to monitor the entire container loading process - with full load - and, furthermore, that all of this is carried out in a safe and secure manner.

Our Chief Inspector will prepare, and you will receive, a detailed report within 24 hours informing you if shipment is in conformity and meet test standards,of fail or pass.

By using ProQualityControl, you have a guarantee that CLC has been carried out strictly in accordance with the Specifications as defined by you, and with complete documentation.