Based in NEPAL....Professional....Reliable.....PRO QC....Full Quality Control Service of handmade goods shipped in bulk from Kathmandu, Nepal, via Calcutta port, in partial (LCL) or full containers (FCL) to US Terminals or Ports including Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New Orleans, Norfolk, Oakland, Philadelphia, Portland, Richmond, San Francisco, Seattle, and other international destinations.... in the United Kingdom and other EU countries...Ship by sea in FCL...or LCL....We can also arrange for goods to be shipped by Air Cargo in bulk from Kathmandu to all major International Airports. We will quote best freight rates to all (log-in) Existing Clients registered with us.

Professional team of QC Inspectors

Theo Says:

After more than a decade of exposure to, and intimate knowledge with, the Handicrafts Industry in Nepal, and a life’s business experience in New York and Paris, I strongly believe in Professionalism. A definition follows:

"What is Professionalism?"

"....Meticulous adherence to undeviating courtesy, honesty, and Responsibility in one’s dealings with Customers and associates, plus a level of excellence that goes over and beyond the commercial considerations and legal requirements...." (Source; Business

For me, therefore, Professionalism is the Foundation of 's CODE OF ETHICS. And in the process of creating the very first totally independent third party Quality Control Service in Nepal, I therefore ensured that our first responsibility was to protect our Customers

The reality is that Quality Control is almost non-existant In Nepal, and whatever QC work is being done is being carried by Foreign Inspectors, flown in from Delhi, Bangkok and other capitals at considerable expense. This of course Explains why can do the work for half the cost!

This set of circumstances have created a unique opportunity for to form a highly experienced and knowledgeable TEAM of local Inspectors, whose photos are shown below. Each major player in that Team has a minimum of 10 years’ Experience in the Handicrafts Industry. The number of Inspectors and Auditors is being steadily increased, as ProQC receives more and more demand for this unique service - the only one of its kind – now available here in Nepal. ProQC caters to an ever demanding international clientele.

Theo and Chief QC Inspector

Chief in Charge of Inspector Team    QC Inspective

Quality Control Inspector in Nepal